OVO Cloud

Start Operating Your OTT TV Media Rapidly and Easily.

OVO Cloud, the world's only content management system, tightly integrated with the OTT Box, provides a total solution from the end to the cloud. OVO Cloud supports customers to finish the last mile of Internet TV media easily.
6 Features
Connect to the Internet and use it immediately. Saving 6 to 12 months implementation time.
OVO Cloud has been actually operated more than 2 years, tested and verified more than 50 million hours. All functions are upgraded continuously.
The interface of OVO Cloud is intuitive and easy-to-use. What you need is just an assistant editor. OVO Cloud make it easy to manage your content, advertising and all member services.
Just pay a monthly fee. How much system you use, how much you pay. OVO Cloud save tens of millions of equipment cost and software installation fee.
The highest market share in Taiwan. Every user between 5-65 years old said it’s good to use. More than 10 times of operating time and value than other solutions.
High-quality and flexible software technology. Continually adding new features and customized services while maintaining system stability.

About OVO

2013 Created by a team of 10 years internet TV experience.
2014 "OVO TV Tomorrow" set a new record in flyingV.
2015 Taiwan Sales No.1. Easy to use for 5~65 year-old people.
2016 Launched legal content service and cloud technology platform.
2017 Enter international markets and shine spotlight on Taiwan's innovation.

Vision:Change the Future of Television
In the new era of OTT, easy-to-use and availability was the solution for the fundamental problem of Internet television. We based on the integration of hardware and software. We value the user experience as core. Therefore, the people who do not access the Internet could easily enjoy the convenience of Internet television. The enterprise that is not good at hardware and software could quickly become the system operator of Internet TV.

Mission: Create a World-Class Cloud Platform
We create a world-class cloud platform with the depth combination of hardware and software technology. Let young people practice the marketing with sensibility and warm, design with user experience and software with high quality. We can't imagine that the competence of our next generation is only price. For our generation, next decade and two decades later, this is a challenge we could not escape.

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